2019 – 2020

Pratiksha Kachare is a young theatre practitioner from Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. She completed her graduation in Engineering. She loved reading and storytelling, which lead to an interest in theatre. She participated in many workshops like Creative Writing, voice modulation, Thousand Expressions Physical theatre workshop and Facilitator Training workshop. She also attended many theatre performances and play rehearsals to keep learning. She brought all this knowledge to the Goshtarang Fellowship when she was selected. She enjoyed performing stories for children in various villages and towns. Now she is trying to explore her skills and passion as a performer.

Vardhan Deshapande is from Aurangabad. While he was studying Engineering in Pune, he developed an interest in Theatre. He participated in many theatre competitions and won prizes. He worked as an Engineer for about a year. Soon, he realized that his interest in theatre was growing stronger. He left the job and opted for formal training in theatre by joining Lalit Kala Kendra, Pune and completed his Master’s degree (M.A. Theatre). After being selected as a Goshtarang Fellow, Vardhan got an experience of living and working in a rural setting. He is now based in Pune.

Mahendra Walunj lives in Pune. He has completed a Diploma in Printing Technology. However, he decided to pursue his interest in theatre after the diploma. He has acted in a few Marathi films and plays. During the Goshtarang Fellowship, he enjoyed the process of storytelling for children. He is now associated with ‘Tiny Tales’, an intiative started by Goshtarang Fellows from an earlier batch. He conducted online workshops for teachers and children.

Ram Saidpure hails from Latur. He completed his Diploma in Electronics. For the last 7 years, Ram has been working in theatre in Pune. He handles the technical aspects of theatre and has also acted in some plays. In the Gostharang Fellowship, he learnt the skills of performing stories for children. Subsequently, he is learning various aspects of storytelling.

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