2022 – 2023

Nikhil Thok is from Sinnar Taluka (Dist. Nashik). He has been performing on stage since he was in school. He has participated in street plays, one-act plays during his pre-university years. Recently he was introduced to the style of Goshtarang performances and that is how he decided to be a part of the Fellowship.

Nikhil Pujari is from Atpadi (Dist. Sangli). When he was working in Pune, he also worked in theatre, both as an actor and as a backstage artist. He believes that a platform like Goshtarang will help him discover himself in a new way, through communicating with children.

Actor and a Puppeteer, Priyanka Kotwal is basically from Mumbai. She has worked with many prominent theatre groups such as Studio Tamasha, Backbenchers Productions etc. She conducts puppet making workshops for children. She was associated with an NGOs that uses theater as an input to build skills in children. She believes that Goshtarang will add to her skill set.

Ankush Bharti realized his passion for theatre and decided to study theatre at Pune University. Even before he joined Lalit Kala Kendra he was doing theatre activities for children under the guidance of his teachers and friends. He feels a strong connection with children. He wants to gain the Gostharang experience so that he can go back to Parbhani, where he is from, and do work with children over there.

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