Book Performed

2019 – 2020

Malachey Chandichey Painjan

Author: Annie Besant

Illustrator: Nancy Raj

Marathi translation: Snehalata Datar

Publication: Tulika Publishers, Chennai

Suitable for students of grades 1 & 2.

Hiss! Boo! Muahahaha! Mala creeps up from behind and scares everyone. One day, her mother gives her a pair of pretty silver anklets… What happens next? Will she be able to scare people again?


Author: Nilesh Nimkar

Illustrator: Shubhangi Chetan

Publication: Education for Equality & QUEST

Suitable for children of grades 1 & 2.

One day, instead of books the teacher brings only umbrellas to the class. What happens next? This is the story about how all the children narrate their ways of using an umbrella.

Mul Saarya Gaavacha

Author & Illustrator: Jane Cowen Fletcher

Translated by: Shobha Bhagwat

Published by: Kaja Kaja Maru Prakashan

Suitable for children of grades 3 & 4

In a story based on the West African proverb, “It takes a whole village to raise a child,” a young girl proudly watches her brother and then realizes that the entire village has been watching
them both.

Korika Navacha Patang

Author: Sharada Kolluru

Translator: Vasudha Ambiye

Illustrator: K P Muralidharan

Published by: Tulika Publishers, Chennai

Rajamma looks at the patterns on the kite and tells Yellaiah it is a wish-fulfilling kite. So Yellaiah calls it Korika, which, in Telugu, means that which is wish-fulfilling. He wishes for a bicycle, but he must let it go for his younger brother.

Vinu Lagali Ajji

Author: Yuri Orlev

Translator: Niranjan Ujagare

Illustrator: Ora Eytan

Published by: National Book Trust, New Delhi

Granny comes to a town with nothing but a bundle of wool and knitting needles in her bag. … When the time comes for the children to go to school, she finds out that knitted children are not accepted. So, Granny declares war.

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