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Goshtarang is always happy to come to your spaces and conduct exciting activities with children, teachers and parents. In case you wish to know more about these, kindly contact us. Here is a short note about each offering by Goshtarang –

Goshtarang Performances

Goshtarang performances provide a unique opportunity for children and adults to relate & respond to children’s literature. These are short theatrical performances of 10 to 15 minutes, which are done with a pre and post-activity for children. The performers present a book to children and discuss the book’s central idea through the pre and post-activity. These performances are designed for the following three different age groups of children.
Level 1  for grades 1 & 2
Level 2 – for grades 3 & 4
Level 3 – for grades 5, 6 & 7

One story for each level is performed. Each performance will cater to 50 children only. The performances can happen in formal and informal spaces, with minimum distance between the performer and the spectator.

Response to Literature Activities

Response to Literature activities is a three-day workshop planned for children of different age groups. The facilitators in the workshop select a book suitable for a particular age group and evolve a three-session plan around it. The plan includes a range of activities like read aloud, author study, Genre study, book talks, dramatization, oral & written response to the book etc. The Gostarang performance is an integral part of this plan.

The facilitators implement this plan through three 90min sessions on three consecutive days with around 50 children in the given age group. The facilitators can conduct three such 90 min sessions with three different groups of children on any given day.   Thus three workshops could be conducted over three days, reaching out to about 150 children on any given location.

Storytelling Workshops for Teachers and Parents

Storytelling is an essential competency for anyone who wants to engage with children. Teachers, parents, and educators can connect with children using their storytelling skills very effectively. Storytelling can also be used as a robust pedagogic tool to teach various subjects. However, teachers and parents require guidance and handholding to develop this critical & essential skill.  Storytelling workshops for teachers & parents provide an opportunity for participants to develop their storytelling skills. It also provides them insights in selecting stories for children using a range of criteria, from the complexity of the plot to the values depicted in children’s books. Typically, these workshops are of five-day duration, and 25 persons can participate in one batch.

Balrang: Theatre Workshops for Children

Introducing the fundamentals of theatre to children builds their confidence to express their ideas and thoughts effectively and efficiently. Different forms of theatre like puppetry, musicals, mime and platform theater boost their imagination and provide them the tools to express ideas in multiple ways.  Balrang workshops give children an opportunity to learn and use any such form of theatre. Children work on a range of things like the script, props, costumes and stage design and create a performance at the end of the workshop. Each workshop is of 12 days’ duration, and 15 children aged 10 to 13 years can participate in one batch.