Book Performed

2016 – 2017

Don Kutryanchi Goshta

Author: Dipak Prahraj

Translated by: Rahul Kosambi

Illustrator: Arya Prahraj

Published by: National Book Trust, New delhi

Don Kutryanchi Goshta is about two dogs; one belongs to a wealthy boy and the other to a poor boy.

Itku Pitku Akashvanivar

Author: Shailaja Raje

A story of two rats who decide to visit the radio station.

Babachya Misha

Author & Illustrator: Madhuri Purandare

Published by: Pratham Books

Babachya Mishya is about Anu who is fascinated by her father’s moustache. The story is about her imagination of different kinds of moustaches.

Ali Bajrangbali Banato Tevha

Author: Devashish Makhija

Translated by: Sunitee Jain

Illustrator: Priya Kuriyan

Published by: Tulika Books

The Bargad chawl residents are in danger of losing their homes, till Ali, the monkey swings, jumps and leaps into action, and comes up with a monkey trick!

Kanna Panna

Author: Zai Whitaker

Translated by: Snehlata Datar

Illustrator: Niloufer Wadiya

Published by: Tulika Books

Kanna is a little boy who cannot see. But when the lights go off at the cave temple, it is very dark and no one else in his family can see enough to make their way out, Kanna knows exactly how to go out.

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