गोष्टरंग फेलोशिप २०२३-२४

नमस्कार! गोष्टरंगच्या फेलोशिप  २०२३-२४  च्या निवड प्रक्रियेत आपलं स्वागत आहे.

‘गोष्टरंग’ हा क्वेस्ट या सामाजिक संस्थेच्या वाचनलेखन समृद्धी कार्यक्रमातील एक अभिनव उपक्रम आहे. ग्रामीण आणि आदिवासी विभागात वाचन संस्कृती अजूनही म्हणावी तशी रुजलेली नाही. अशा भागातल्या मुलांसाठी बालसाहित्यातल्या किंवा मुलांच्या पुस्तकांतल्या गोष्टी सादर केल्या, तर त्यांना वाचन–लेखनाची ओढ वाटू शकेल या अपेक्षेने क्वेस्टने २०१६ मध्ये ‘गोष्टरंग’ हा कार्यक्रम सुरू केला. गोष्टरंग फेलोशिपच्या आतापर्यंत ०५ बॅचेस झाल्या आहेत आणि २३ व्यक्तींनी ही फेलोशिप पूर्ण केली आहे.


2022 – 2023


Story: – V. Suteyev

Picture: – V. Suteyev

Translation: – Madhav Kelkar

Publication: – Eklavya Publication

A frog, a chick, a rat, an ant and a ladybug were travelling together. They reached a lake. The frog jumped into the water. But the others could not swim. What would they do? How did they cross the lake? This is the story of their efforts.


Story: – Fawziya Gilani Williams

Picture: – Proiti Roy

Translation: – Snehalata Datar

Publication: – Tulika Publication

Ismat bought gifts for his family for Eid. He even bought a pair of trousers for himself. But there was only one last pair in the shop, and it was too long. He thought, someone from the family will help to shorten the long trousers. But they were all busy preparing for Eid celebrations. Was Ismat able to wear his new trousers for Eid? Did anyone help him?


Story: – Swati Raje

Picture: – Rajesh bhavsar 

Translation: – Snehalata Datar

Publication: – Rohan Publication

There was a tiny speck of dust. His name was Dhulakoba. One day, he felt angry with the Sun. He started looking for ways to teach the Sun a lesson. What did he find during his search? Was he able to teach the Sun a lesson? We undertake this search with the speck of dust.


Story: – Sowmya Rajendran

Picture: – Pratik Ghosh 

Translation: – Vasudha Ambiye

Publication: – Tulika Publication

On each day of the week, Mani likes to become a different animal. On Monday he is a monkey, on Tuesday he is a crocodile. And so on – a different animal every day!


Story: G. A. Kulkarni

Pictures: Sagar Suresh Arankalle

Publisher: Parchure Prakashan Mandir

Bimma found a blank paper. He wrote a long letter on it. He told his mother, “This is a letter from Father.” But his mother couldn’t read the squiggly lines drawn by Bimma. She asked him to read it out. What was in the letter? 


Story: Swati Raje

Pictures: Chandramohan Kulkarni

Publisher: Jyotsna Prakashan

This is the story of a path through a forest, which gets transformed into a concrete road over time. This transformation leads to many other changes.